You’ve Been Spoofed

In the world of ,” It’s all about the apps”, it really is all about the apps, there is an application for almost everything you could possibly imagine or even in your wildest dreams not imagine. An application named “Spoof” has came about to ultimately keep the anonymity of the modern day phone call.

Now, not only can someone block their number, they can change the very caller ID to be that of another person and or business. There are many uses for it, however many people who do not wish to be identified use this as a means of unprivate calling instead of the age old manner of blocking their number.

There is also an added feature of recording the actual call and archiving for later use as well as sharing via Twitter or Facebook for all the net to hear. This link shows how to appropriately install the application on a number of phones.


Black Friday

Thanksgiving comes but once a year and so does Black Friday.  Year round there are these sales that are advertised through multiple media outlets but the most notorious of them all are the ones that take place the day after Thanksgiving or “Black Friday”.  This is the day when companies allegedly mark down their merchandise and practically “give it away” for a steal and they market these sales accordingly.

With the wide use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter companies have began to market their Black Friday sales with social media which reaches a wider audience that they may have never reached before.  The savings have been advertised in magazines and newspapers since the beginning of the Black Friday madness however Social Media has skyrocketed news of their “savings” on to the online community. Online buying has grown 25 percent this past year, however it increased 39.3 percent this year. 

It is reported that 1 in every 3 views online is a Facebook view; therefore it would only make sense a company to push online marketing using this online powerhouse.  Facebook started using ads this year after Google’s release of Google + and has received a substantial amount of negative feedback but has yet to see a noticeable decline in users.   The number of people that have opened accounts on Facebook has since kept increasing and still does not look like it will have a decline in the near future, however as with most other social media sites it is only inevitable that Facebook too will see its demise but the timing is still a numbers game.

There are always the traditional Thanksgiving Day parades and the yearly National dog show, however again with the advent/ wide use of social media, the stampedes of Black Friday shoppers have surfaced all over the net and have began a tweeting frenzy among the masses.  In California this year there was footage of a woman who released pepper spray among the crowd at a Wal-Mart so that she could skip her way through the long.  This video has since gone viral playing on multiple channels on YouTube and being tweeted about as much as Kim Kardashian’s wreck of a marriage.  Also this year there were a few videos of men and women being trampled on at different retailers and the clear disregard for human life was again recorded.   It is amazing to see human integrity easily deteriorate over a few dollars and is repeated every year in cities all over the world, however what is more amazing is the citizens who watch these acts take place and go along with their business ignoring the problem.  Thanksgiving is a holiday many Americans spend with their families many of which say grace together and perform these grotesque acts.

Twilight Hype

The Twilight saga has become a widespread disease in pop culture worldwide.  With the latest premier of films in the saga, Breaking Dawn, its fan base has grown exponentially more.  What is it about these films that have made such a following possible?

There were a great number of fans waiting for the first film to premier after reading the novels which came out before the films, which could mean that the novels have created such a fan base of epic proportions.

The films mainly consist of poor acting, shirtless werewolves, and a main character that was wrongfully casted.  This begs the question, what is it about these films that have caused such an increase on the ticket sales?  There are a number of men who are dragged into theatres to see such atrocities; however they too become drawn in to the madness.

Media hype.  The reason so many people are being sucked in to the saga is the hype the media has surrounded it with.  When another Twilight film is on the verge of being released the media (all media) makes it a point to cloud their audiences mind with “news” about the film.  In this way it is engrained in movie goers across the nation to watch another chapter in this atrocious series.

A Kardashian “Katastrophe”

Earlier last week, news of Kim Kardashian’s divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries has gave the media (all media) fuel to feed to the ever expanding Kardashian social bonfire.  The Kardashian’s are infamous for their “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s” reality cable show where they parade around spending money in almost every ridiculous way possible.

The family has been very public in their interactions with the media and probably the most famous of the clan, Kim Kardashian, has even had a sex tape released showing her “sexcapade” with Rapper Ray Jay.  Kim’s relationships with a different number of professional athletes have made her skyrocket to fame for which she has soaked up and thrived upon the past few years.  Recently however, with her divorce from Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage she and the rest of the Kardashian Clan have caved in declining to elaborate further on the short-lived wedding fiasco.

Media coverage of the precursor to the wedding was a pretentious 4 hour fairytale that only the Kardashian’s could pull off which oddly enough came to be called “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding”.  The Kardashian’s made this a wedding of epic proportions to then keep talk of the aftermath (72 day divorce) very “hush hush”. Although “mum” has been the word regarding all apects of this catastrophic marriage, there has been much speculation as to why the divorce took place.  Much of it having to do with Kris’ interest in his marriage to Kim and the financial gain he would acquire only by being married to such a high profile woman.  This meaning that there will most likely be a tell-all book later revealed by an “unknown but credible” source which unravels the details of the couple’s split.

The whole premise of the Kardashian show is to live in the public and have their lives on display for the world to gawk at. The Kardashian’s have lived this overly public life for some time sharing their deepest emotions with the world.  Does this now mean that they should remain candid about the Kardashian/Humphries short lived marriage and air out their filthy laundry, or should they now respect their boundaries and let it be?  My guess is the fans will continue to become further immersed in this scandalous marriage and make the pay-out for the tell-all story that much more valuable.

Kate ‘Hudson’ Perry

Katy Perry grew up raised in a Christian home also began her career as a Christian singer in 2001.  She didn’t receive much recognition until her very provocative hit single, “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008.  Katy like other pop sensations received much scrutiny for her lesbian references even though the song was done with what seemed like good nature.

Katy dropped her Christian style and skyrocketed to fame, she has even been quoted saying, “I sold my soul to the devil”, referencing her rise to fame.  Along with her Christian style went her wardrobe and god given lyrics.

She is the most recognizable by her flamboyant wardrobe and oddly colored wigs and although she is usually scantily dressed, she maintains her faith and has openly spoken against other artists actions in reference to religion.

What is interesting giving her stance on religion is her conflicting view on marriage, for she is an openly gay activist and fights for gay rights.  This goes against her very proper upbringing and most would say her stance on religion.


It use to be that all most people used phones for were calls and maybe some text messages, however with the rise of the Smartphone our uses for mobile devices have changed drastically.

We are now more than ever before leaving critical data about ourselves open for taking. Not only do we schedule appointments but we have since used our Smartphones for more productive and time efficient tasks such as mobile banking and corporate email, which in the wrong hands can be very dangerous.

WaveSecure for Google Android is an application that is said to aid us in the event that our mobile device does end up in the wrong hands.  This app allows the user to not only back up texts messages and photographs but it goes one step beyond this by locking the device when it senses a SIM card change, also allowing the user to track their phone if it is lost by sending out a GPS signal and locates the phone on a map.

The WaveSecure app also allows for a remote data wipe if locating the phone is out of the question, so that the user can be confident that the data on the device is out of the next user’s reach.

Jersey Poof

Whether you refer to them as Guidos, Guidettes, meatballs, or gorilla juiceheads, the Jersey Shore cast has taken the media like only Jersey can.  If they’re hitting the “Jersey Turnpike” or dodging “grenades” this “in-crowd” is making their lifestyle a viral “Jersey phenomena”.  We’ve seen similar cases of this reality takeover with other “never before celebrities” prior to the Jersey Shore; however with this particular bunch of individuals they have taken the meaning of “takeover” to another level.  The cast has exercised all aspects of the media and are employing them to their full advantage as they appear in product ads, twitter feeds, Facebook fan pages, and guest starring in almost every popular show/film imaginable.

The cast has certainly made a name for themselves and almost “branded” the Jersey lifestyle starting with their first season on the Jersey Shore.  When the show aired it kicked off a viral media frenzy when the most famous of the “Guidettes”, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, was struck by a larger male inside of a bar after which the video went viral on YouTube and the aftermath recorded gave Snooki her reality rise to fame.  Although she was known for being the female that was hit with a closed fist on reality TV for the world to see, she used this altercation to make her one of the now most noticeable women in Hollywood.  She and the rest of the cast have risen phenomenally over the past seasons and have received many business opportunities to exploit their “Reality Persona”.

Many people know much of what is seen on MTV “reality television” is scripted and rehearsed before shooting, however again with this cast the script tends to take a Jersey turn like only the Jersey Shore can.  The cast has been known to have multiple run ins with the law and many have been incarcerated during the filming of the JerseryShore, which most likely not a part of the script.

The effect this cast has had on popular culture is unlike anything seen before with reality stars.  Their entire way of life has hit the US by storm and has been made something to admire even by much of young America.  Although there have been parodies made that highlight their barbaric behavior.  Thus far this has made their scandalous fame much more accepting by the general populous.  The old saying stays true, “any publicity is good publicity”.