YouTube was created as a video sharing website for users to upload video of themselves or anything they wanted to share with the world.  The company was sold to the Google Monster in 2006 and has since become ever more colossal. Almost any and everything is uploaded to YouTube, therefore it can be difficult to rummage through all the garbage.

There have been many videos however uploaded that have had great impact rather they are pop, informational, or just “caught on video” YouTube has uncovered talent that may have never before been heard by world and has also brought to light pressing issues that hadn’t been addressed prior to this online sharing community.  An example of a YouTube star is singer Justin Beiber whom was discovered on YouTube and is now one of the most noticeable pop faces in the industry at such a young age.

There are also those “YouTube Sensations” who never sign a record deal but become so popular that they are able to attain celebrity status without the signing label, however some actually do go on to sign contracts and endorse products. Although YouTube is a “video sharing” service, most videos are not so clear as to whether or not they are factual and can be misleading, with this service it holds the old saying true, “don’t believe everything you see”.


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