The power of social networks has grown immensely over the past years and has become a background screening tool for many employers.  Many employers are hopping on the bandwagon and prescreening candidates by finding them on Twitter and Facebook to see what kind of content they share with the rest of cyberspace.

Some have made the argument that employers should respect their privacy out of the office however it has been made apparent that if one publishes this content online they are willfully sharing it publicly and by doing so they are a reflection on the company.

There are privacy settings available to protect much of your content, and no it does not come standard upon signing up for accounts such as Twitter or Facebook.  Therefore it is imperative to modify them accordingly.

It is also important to share the information with the proper audiences as I did with Time Warner Cable.  My internet rate went up by twenty dollars a month which over the course of a year is already two hundred more than I was paying.  I voiced my frustration in a tweet and tagged Time Warner, the next day I had an agent from the company direct message me, lowered my rate, and locked me in to it for however long I kept the service.  #powerofatweet


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