Did Someone Order a McBeatDown?

A video that has recently gone viral on the net is the beating of two women who are accused by a McDonald’s clerk of paying their tab with a fraudulent fifty dollar bill.  In the video after being accused one of the women slaps the cashier and the other jumps the counter.  The cashier then goes to the back of the kitchen and the other woman goes around the counter and proceeds to yell at the young man.  As the two make their way to the back of the kitchen we see the cashier come out swinging a metal rod and unleashed upon the two women.

The video captures many different voices yelling at the young man to stop, however he pays them no attention and proceeds to hit them after they have fallen to the ground.  He was charged with felony assault, however upon further review of the tape and testimony of witnesses, a grand jury decided not to indict the cashier.

The women were the clear aggressors for they put their hands on the employee first and given the circumstances the cashier acted accordingly although he did use excessive force.  Had he been a public servant it would have likely been taken to court.


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