Facebook Triumphs

With the release of the new Google+ many thought that Facebook would wither and fail as did MySpace, however this has proven not to be the case for FB is now more than ever promising a lasting web presence.  Even with the addition of the annoying ads that are not at all targeted, the public still cannot stay away from the Facebook monstrosity.

Google+ created a social networking site similar to that of Facebook, however what FB had going for it was it’s loyal and integrated fan base which Google could only dream about taking on.  The first few weeks Google+ opened itself to the masses there was much buzz as to whether or not Facebook would crumble.  Now having passed a significant amount of time in the cyber world it is clear the Facebook is not going anywhere soon.

Facebook has become a part of modern society both domestically and internationally and it is for this reason of connectedness that this mogul is flourishing consistently.  It is not to say that it will forever be so but in the mean time Facebook is showing pure dominance over all other social networks.

Twitter has been compared to the monstrous Facebook, however there are too many dissimilarities that would keep one from conquering the other.  Both have their importance and bring about a vast number of advantages to it’s user and the public, however being that they are different in a number of ways both can co-exist without a need for a tyrant in the social networking kingdom.


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