Pornography sites are everywhere you turn on the web whether you go straight to the site or you are being spammed by all of the online porn involved in opening up a simple email.  Sometimes even the seemingly most confined networks are subject to pornographic intrusion. 

It has been said that some 100 pornographic sites are to move to the .XXX domain this month and has already received much negative feedback.  This has been seen as“praise” to the pornography business and even helps promote porn and its use.  The truth is that the internet primarily existed for the purpose of pornography and to not make point of this is foolish.   There are arguments on both sides of the spectrum; however it is in the best interest of the industry and Americans to monitor the use of pornography across the net.

There are pros and cons to having pornography sites register under the .XXX domain however if it were made mandatory for all sites with this explicit content available to register as such, it would make the control of its content that much more easier.



YouTube was created as a video sharing website for users to upload video of themselves or anything they wanted to share with the world.  The company was sold to the Google Monster in 2006 and has since become ever more colossal. Almost any and everything is uploaded to YouTube, therefore it can be difficult to rummage through all the garbage.

There have been many videos however uploaded that have had great impact rather they are pop, informational, or just “caught on video” YouTube has uncovered talent that may have never before been heard by world and has also brought to light pressing issues that hadn’t been addressed prior to this online sharing community.  An example of a YouTube star is singer Justin Beiber whom was discovered on YouTube and is now one of the most noticeable pop faces in the industry at such a young age.

There are also those “YouTube Sensations” who never sign a record deal but become so popular that they are able to attain celebrity status without the signing label, however some actually do go on to sign contracts and endorse products. Although YouTube is a “video sharing” service, most videos are not so clear as to whether or not they are factual and can be misleading, with this service it holds the old saying true, “don’t believe everything you see”.


The power of social networks has grown immensely over the past years and has become a background screening tool for many employers.  Many employers are hopping on the bandwagon and prescreening candidates by finding them on Twitter and Facebook to see what kind of content they share with the rest of cyberspace.

Some have made the argument that employers should respect their privacy out of the office however it has been made apparent that if one publishes this content online they are willfully sharing it publicly and by doing so they are a reflection on the company.

There are privacy settings available to protect much of your content, and no it does not come standard upon signing up for accounts such as Twitter or Facebook.  Therefore it is imperative to modify them accordingly.

It is also important to share the information with the proper audiences as I did with Time Warner Cable.  My internet rate went up by twenty dollars a month which over the course of a year is already two hundred more than I was paying.  I voiced my frustration in a tweet and tagged Time Warner, the next day I had an agent from the company direct message me, lowered my rate, and locked me in to it for however long I kept the service.  #powerofatweet

Did Someone Order a McBeatDown?

A video that has recently gone viral on the net is the beating of two women who are accused by a McDonald’s clerk of paying their tab with a fraudulent fifty dollar bill.  In the video after being accused one of the women slaps the cashier and the other jumps the counter.  The cashier then goes to the back of the kitchen and the other woman goes around the counter and proceeds to yell at the young man.  As the two make their way to the back of the kitchen we see the cashier come out swinging a metal rod and unleashed upon the two women.

The video captures many different voices yelling at the young man to stop, however he pays them no attention and proceeds to hit them after they have fallen to the ground.  He was charged with felony assault, however upon further review of the tape and testimony of witnesses, a grand jury decided not to indict the cashier.

The women were the clear aggressors for they put their hands on the employee first and given the circumstances the cashier acted accordingly although he did use excessive force.  Had he been a public servant it would have likely been taken to court.

“You’ve been ousted as Mayor”

The first form of “checking in” to different places was with the Geolocation service: Foursquare, and it has taken off with social media and the like.  Foursquare allows you to share your location with friends and acquire points while working to become the leader on the leader board and eventually become mayor.  It is played as a game between you and your friends and has no physical points but people still use this geolocation service.

The service allows you to accept and request friends through the application ava

ilable on Android and Iphone, which is predominantly how it is used.   The service can also be used online, which can certainly aid its users in finding other Foursquare users.  One of the major downfalls of finding people online is just as easy as it is to find people you know it is that much easier to find people you don’t know and vice versa. 

Another aspect of this service is the specials that the users can acquire upon checking in to select locations. For example, Chili’s Grill and Bar allows its fans to  receive chips and queso free of no charge, also there are a number of bars that allow free cover with a check in.

Foursquare also has artificial badges the users can unlock by checking in to different places.  They have no real reward but it is intriguing just how much the users want to unlock these artificial badges.  The users can also battle amongst each other to become mayor,  because as soon as you become mayor there is no telling how long you will hold office.

Facebook Triumphs

With the release of the new Google+ many thought that Facebook would wither and fail as did MySpace, however this has proven not to be the case for FB is now more than ever promising a lasting web presence.  Even with the addition of the annoying ads that are not at all targeted, the public still cannot stay away from the Facebook monstrosity.

Google+ created a social networking site similar to that of Facebook, however what FB had going for it was it’s loyal and integrated fan base which Google could only dream about taking on.  The first few weeks Google+ opened itself to the masses there was much buzz as to whether or not Facebook would crumble.  Now having passed a significant amount of time in the cyber world it is clear the Facebook is not going anywhere soon.

Facebook has become a part of modern society both domestically and internationally and it is for this reason of connectedness that this mogul is flourishing consistently.  It is not to say that it will forever be so but in the mean time Facebook is showing pure dominance over all other social networks.

Twitter has been compared to the monstrous Facebook, however there are too many dissimilarities that would keep one from conquering the other.  Both have their importance and bring about a vast number of advantages to it’s user and the public, however being that they are different in a number of ways both can co-exist without a need for a tyrant in the social networking kingdom.