Lindsay “Media Scapegoat” Lohan

Over the past few years the iconic Lindsay Lohan has been in multiple run ins with the law and time after time she has skipped out on her community service and failed to meet the court’s requirements.  Is it too late to see this once prominent actress rise above her troubled past and once again takeover the pop scene?

She received much praise for her role first starring role in The Parent Trap at the age of 12 and her career skyrocketed thereafter in the mid 2000’s.  However, her true notoriety came from her personal antics, which involved but were certainly not limited to drugs, promiscuity, lesbianism, and dating much older men.

Her most recent roles depict her as a sex symbol and play to her off screen behavior and it would seem that this would work for her, however they are usually mitigating roles that only present her in negative light.  It is not to say that she deserves more given her “bad girl” behavior but its as if she accepts such roles and feels that they define her as a woman.

What has also poured all over the media surrounding Miss Lohan is whether or not she will pose for Playboy.  There is much buzz that says she has agreed to a spread in playboy but there is still word as to when or what issues she will be featured in.  This does nothing to help her reputation, however for her the exposure would most likely send her off to much more infamy.


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