Black Friday

Thanksgiving comes but once a year and so does Black Friday.  Year round there are these sales that are advertised through multiple media outlets but the most notorious of them all are the ones that take place the day after Thanksgiving or “Black Friday”.  This is the day when companies allegedly mark down their merchandise and practically “give it away” for a steal and they market these sales accordingly.

With the wide use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter companies have began to market their Black Friday sales with social media which reaches a wider audience that they may have never reached before.  The savings have been advertised in magazines and newspapers since the beginning of the Black Friday madness however Social Media has skyrocketed news of their “savings” on to the online community. Online buying has grown 25 percent this past year, however it increased 39.3 percent this year. 

It is reported that 1 in every 3 views online is a Facebook view; therefore it would only make sense a company to push online marketing using this online powerhouse.  Facebook started using ads this year after Google’s release of Google + and has received a substantial amount of negative feedback but has yet to see a noticeable decline in users.   The number of people that have opened accounts on Facebook has since kept increasing and still does not look like it will have a decline in the near future, however as with most other social media sites it is only inevitable that Facebook too will see its demise but the timing is still a numbers game.

There are always the traditional Thanksgiving Day parades and the yearly National dog show, however again with the advent/ wide use of social media, the stampedes of Black Friday shoppers have surfaced all over the net and have began a tweeting frenzy among the masses.  In California this year there was footage of a woman who released pepper spray among the crowd at a Wal-Mart so that she could skip her way through the long.  This video has since gone viral playing on multiple channels on YouTube and being tweeted about as much as Kim Kardashian’s wreck of a marriage.  Also this year there were a few videos of men and women being trampled on at different retailers and the clear disregard for human life was again recorded.   It is amazing to see human integrity easily deteriorate over a few dollars and is repeated every year in cities all over the world, however what is more amazing is the citizens who watch these acts take place and go along with their business ignoring the problem.  Thanksgiving is a holiday many Americans spend with their families many of which say grace together and perform these grotesque acts.


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