Twilight Hype

The Twilight saga has become a widespread disease in pop culture worldwide.  With the latest premier of films in the saga, Breaking Dawn, its fan base has grown exponentially more.  What is it about these films that have made such a following possible?

There were a great number of fans waiting for the first film to premier after reading the novels which came out before the films, which could mean that the novels have created such a fan base of epic proportions.

The films mainly consist of poor acting, shirtless werewolves, and a main character that was wrongfully casted.  This begs the question, what is it about these films that have caused such an increase on the ticket sales?  There are a number of men who are dragged into theatres to see such atrocities; however they too become drawn in to the madness.

Media hype.  The reason so many people are being sucked in to the saga is the hype the media has surrounded it with.  When another Twilight film is on the verge of being released the media (all media) makes it a point to cloud their audiences mind with “news” about the film.  In this way it is engrained in movie goers across the nation to watch another chapter in this atrocious series.


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