Kate ‘Hudson’ Perry

Katy Perry grew up raised in a Christian home also began her career as a Christian singer in 2001.  She didn’t receive much recognition until her very provocative hit single, “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008.  Katy like other pop sensations received much scrutiny for her lesbian references even though the song was done with what seemed like good nature.

Katy dropped her Christian style and skyrocketed to fame, she has even been quoted saying, “I sold my soul to the devil”, referencing her rise to fame.  Along with her Christian style went her wardrobe and god given lyrics.

She is the most recognizable by her flamboyant wardrobe and oddly colored wigs and although she is usually scantily dressed, she maintains her faith and has openly spoken against other artists actions in reference to religion.

What is interesting giving her stance on religion is her conflicting view on marriage, for she is an openly gay activist and fights for gay rights.  This goes against her very proper upbringing and most would say her stance on religion.


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