It use to be that all most people used phones for were calls and maybe some text messages, however with the rise of the Smartphone our uses for mobile devices have changed drastically.

We are now more than ever before leaving critical data about ourselves open for taking. Not only do we schedule appointments but we have since used our Smartphones for more productive and time efficient tasks such as mobile banking and corporate email, which in the wrong hands can be very dangerous.

WaveSecure for Google Android is an application that is said to aid us in the event that our mobile device does end up in the wrong hands.  This app allows the user to not only back up texts messages and photographs but it goes one step beyond this by locking the device when it senses a SIM card change, also allowing the user to track their phone if it is lost by sending out a GPS signal and locates the phone on a map.

The WaveSecure app also allows for a remote data wipe if locating the phone is out of the question, so that the user can be confident that the data on the device is out of the next user’s reach.


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