Jersey Poof

Whether you refer to them as Guidos, Guidettes, meatballs, or gorilla juiceheads, the Jersey Shore cast has taken the media like only Jersey can.  If they’re hitting the “Jersey Turnpike” or dodging “grenades” this “in-crowd” is making their lifestyle a viral “Jersey phenomena”.  We’ve seen similar cases of this reality takeover with other “never before celebrities” prior to the Jersey Shore; however with this particular bunch of individuals they have taken the meaning of “takeover” to another level.  The cast has exercised all aspects of the media and are employing them to their full advantage as they appear in product ads, twitter feeds, Facebook fan pages, and guest starring in almost every popular show/film imaginable.

The cast has certainly made a name for themselves and almost “branded” the Jersey lifestyle starting with their first season on the Jersey Shore.  When the show aired it kicked off a viral media frenzy when the most famous of the “Guidettes”, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, was struck by a larger male inside of a bar after which the video went viral on YouTube and the aftermath recorded gave Snooki her reality rise to fame.  Although she was known for being the female that was hit with a closed fist on reality TV for the world to see, she used this altercation to make her one of the now most noticeable women in Hollywood.  She and the rest of the cast have risen phenomenally over the past seasons and have received many business opportunities to exploit their “Reality Persona”.

Many people know much of what is seen on MTV “reality television” is scripted and rehearsed before shooting, however again with this cast the script tends to take a Jersey turn like only the Jersey Shore can.  The cast has been known to have multiple run ins with the law and many have been incarcerated during the filming of the JerseryShore, which most likely not a part of the script.

The effect this cast has had on popular culture is unlike anything seen before with reality stars.  Their entire way of life has hit the US by storm and has been made something to admire even by much of young America.  Although there have been parodies made that highlight their barbaric behavior.  Thus far this has made their scandalous fame much more accepting by the general populous.  The old saying stays true, “any publicity is good publicity”.


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