Nicki Minaj Female Rapper Takeover

Nicki Minaj has become one of the most influential rappers in the Hip-Hop world, male or female of all time.  She’s the first female to ever make the Forbes Hip-Hop List and she’s barely getting started.  Her rise to fame came about after being discovered in an underground music video by Producer Rapper Lil’ Wayne.

Nicki is unlike any other force the Hip-Hop world has seen, from her extreme clothing, uncultivated facial expressions, to her distinctive lyrics.  She has been compared to many other female rappers but her position in the Hip-Hop world is immeasurable to any others before her time.

She’s received much criticism for her eccentric lyrics and racy outfits; however she has still managed to persevere and rise above the scandals and commentary.  Nicki has also received much scrutiny for the simple fact that she is a female in an industry that has long since been dominated by men, but this has yet to keep her from shining or to show any slowing down on her part.

If you like her or don’t really care for her, Nicki has become a Hip-Hop mogul and is a force to be reckoned with.  Male, female, black, or white, Nicki is taking over the Hip-Hop industry one record at a time.


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