The age of information has taken a turn for the collectively common.  Wikipedia has morphed into a haven for vital and constantly updated information trumping the age old encyclopedia.  This is not to say that it doesn’t have some misinformation at times, however it is corrected/updated so frequently that such misinformation is intolerable.

During my high school years professors had a zero tolerance for citing or even relying on Wikipedia to retrieve accurate facts over any given subject, however even then it was still reliable enough to use as a basis for research.  The use of it was still strictly forbidden.

At the start of my college career is when I noticed professor’s started utilizing Wikipedia and even praising it.  I had a midterm due in my literature course and our professor told us that he wasn’t against us citing Wikipedia as a source so long as it was not the only source of our information, for he found it more reliable than most other sources.

By the end of my college career further utilization of Wikipedia caused me to rely more on its finding, although scholarly articles are more concrete for further information it is not that far from the truth.


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