The Fame Monster

Gaga.  The first part of this artist’s name is unnecessary for her to be recognized around the world.  Lady Gaga was first known for her provocative clothing and explicit lyrics, which grabbed the world’s attention and put her in the limelight.

Her first singles were dance tracks that received much radio play and were mashed up by other artists of multiple genres.  Skrillex a dubstep player made his own mix with her and even rapper Lil’ Wayne mashed up her songs with a  of his tracks.

She is now most notoriously known for her stance on gay rights and marriage.  The Catholic Church has taken a stance against Gaga and her lyrics for in her video “Judas” references biblical figures and describes Judas as her inner demon.

This Fame Monster is more than a pop sensation, she has revived the pop world and brought a whole new meaning to pop star.  By no means is she the new “Pop Princess” or teenie bopper, she is more, “The  Monster of Pop”.


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