Charlie Sheen from Two and Half Men has grown ever more famous since his firing from CBS.  Our curiosity with his meltdown has captured the world and we have given him the fuel he needs to move past the crack and CBS to his nationwide tour of that is Charlie Sheen Roast.  He too, like other popular celebrities has gone in the social media jungle and used the tools available to survive in this dominating pop culture entertainment industry.

When news came out of Sheen’s crack addiction and womanizer lifestyle the public took to it very strongly even began judging his character as if it were that much different from his TV persona.  On his former show, Two and Half Men, the public praised Sheen for his antics and his ratings were still among the highest for CBS.  When he then took his character off the screen and traded alcohol for drugs we seemed to have a problem with it.  We place celebrities to a higher standard than we would our own family members in some cases and this was clearly a case of it, however when Sheen then opened up to the masses and ranted on about his lifestyle rather bluntly most people saw past the Hollywood gimmicks and realized that he like any other person had real problems.  They were noticeable mainly with his speech, lack of stage makeup, and mannerisms that were clearly a sign of drug addiction.  I believe that this is what won his fleeing fans back over and again by Sheen capitalizing on social media to reach out to his loyal fans.  He would tweet incessantly about his situation and went to the extreme of making public videos of his depreciating state of mind.

Charlie Sheen it would seem has cleaned up his act and has gone on to further success by admitting his guilt and congratulating his new replacement, Ashton Kutcher.  Although he and CBS may still not agree on his termination, he has proven to be rather professional about the matter by moving past the media explosion that once was.

Fans can be very demanding and judgmental; however they have also proven to be very forgiving to their favorite celebrities.  A prime example is Robert Downey Jr. and his imprisonment and rehab for drug use and addiction in the late 90’s.  Time, after time, after time, Robert Downey Jr. was incarcerated for drug possession after which he steadily got back on track, cleaned up his act, and has become one of the top paid Hollywood actors of 2011.  This isn’t true for all celebrities i.e. (Lindsay Lohan). Then there are the tragic cases of the actors whom which the fast life proves to be incredibly overwhelming and they fall into the drugs or scandal and wither away into the Hollywood tragedies i.e. (Amy Winehouse)


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