It use to be that all most people used phones for were calls and maybe some text messages, however with the rise of the Smartphone our uses for mobile devices have changed drastically.

We are now more than ever before leaving critical data about ourselves open for taking. Not only do we schedule appointments but we have since used our Smartphones for more productive and time efficient tasks such as mobile banking and corporate email, which in the wrong hands can be very dangerous.

WaveSecure for Google Android is an application that is said to aid us in the event that our mobile device does end up in the wrong hands.  This app allows the user to not only back up texts messages and photographs but it goes one step beyond this by locking the device when it senses a SIM card change, also allowing the user to track their phone if it is lost by sending out a GPS signal and locates the phone on a map.

The WaveSecure app also allows for a remote data wipe if locating the phone is out of the question, so that the user can be confident that the data on the device is out of the next user’s reach.


Jersey Poof

Whether you refer to them as Guidos, Guidettes, meatballs, or gorilla juiceheads, the Jersey Shore cast has taken the media like only Jersey can.  If they’re hitting the “Jersey Turnpike” or dodging “grenades” this “in-crowd” is making their lifestyle a viral “Jersey phenomena”.  We’ve seen similar cases of this reality takeover with other “never before celebrities” prior to the Jersey Shore; however with this particular bunch of individuals they have taken the meaning of “takeover” to another level.  The cast has exercised all aspects of the media and are employing them to their full advantage as they appear in product ads, twitter feeds, Facebook fan pages, and guest starring in almost every popular show/film imaginable.

The cast has certainly made a name for themselves and almost “branded” the Jersey lifestyle starting with their first season on the Jersey Shore.  When the show aired it kicked off a viral media frenzy when the most famous of the “Guidettes”, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, was struck by a larger male inside of a bar after which the video went viral on YouTube and the aftermath recorded gave Snooki her reality rise to fame.  Although she was known for being the female that was hit with a closed fist on reality TV for the world to see, she used this altercation to make her one of the now most noticeable women in Hollywood.  She and the rest of the cast have risen phenomenally over the past seasons and have received many business opportunities to exploit their “Reality Persona”.

Many people know much of what is seen on MTV “reality television” is scripted and rehearsed before shooting, however again with this cast the script tends to take a Jersey turn like only the Jersey Shore can.  The cast has been known to have multiple run ins with the law and many have been incarcerated during the filming of the JerseryShore, which most likely not a part of the script.

The effect this cast has had on popular culture is unlike anything seen before with reality stars.  Their entire way of life has hit the US by storm and has been made something to admire even by much of young America.  Although there have been parodies made that highlight their barbaric behavior.  Thus far this has made their scandalous fame much more accepting by the general populous.  The old saying stays true, “any publicity is good publicity”.

Nicki Minaj Female Rapper Takeover

Nicki Minaj has become one of the most influential rappers in the Hip-Hop world, male or female of all time.  She’s the first female to ever make the Forbes Hip-Hop List and she’s barely getting started.  Her rise to fame came about after being discovered in an underground music video by Producer Rapper Lil’ Wayne.

Nicki is unlike any other force the Hip-Hop world has seen, from her extreme clothing, uncultivated facial expressions, to her distinctive lyrics.  She has been compared to many other female rappers but her position in the Hip-Hop world is immeasurable to any others before her time.

She’s received much criticism for her eccentric lyrics and racy outfits; however she has still managed to persevere and rise above the scandals and commentary.  Nicki has also received much scrutiny for the simple fact that she is a female in an industry that has long since been dominated by men, but this has yet to keep her from shining or to show any slowing down on her part.

If you like her or don’t really care for her, Nicki has become a Hip-Hop mogul and is a force to be reckoned with.  Male, female, black, or white, Nicki is taking over the Hip-Hop industry one record at a time.

The Fame Monster

Gaga.  The first part of this artist’s name is unnecessary for her to be recognized around the world.  Lady Gaga was first known for her provocative clothing and explicit lyrics, which grabbed the world’s attention and put her in the limelight.

Her first singles were dance tracks that received much radio play and were mashed up by other artists of multiple genres.  Skrillex a dubstep player made his own mix with her and even rapper Lil’ Wayne mashed up her songs with a  of his tracks.

She is now most notoriously known for her stance on gay rights and marriage.  The Catholic Church has taken a stance against Gaga and her lyrics for in her video “Judas” references biblical figures and describes Judas as her inner demon.

This Fame Monster is more than a pop sensation, she has revived the pop world and brought a whole new meaning to pop star.  By no means is she the new “Pop Princess” or teenie bopper, she is more, “The  Monster of Pop”.


The age of information has taken a turn for the collectively common.  Wikipedia has morphed into a haven for vital and constantly updated information trumping the age old encyclopedia.  This is not to say that it doesn’t have some misinformation at times, however it is corrected/updated so frequently that such misinformation is intolerable.

During my high school years professors had a zero tolerance for citing or even relying on Wikipedia to retrieve accurate facts over any given subject, however even then it was still reliable enough to use as a basis for research.  The use of it was still strictly forbidden.

At the start of my college career is when I noticed professor’s started utilizing Wikipedia and even praising it.  I had a midterm due in my literature course and our professor told us that he wasn’t against us citing Wikipedia as a source so long as it was not the only source of our information, for he found it more reliable than most other sources.

By the end of my college career further utilization of Wikipedia caused me to rely more on its finding, although scholarly articles are more concrete for further information it is not that far from the truth.


Charlie Sheen from Two and Half Men has grown ever more famous since his firing from CBS.  Our curiosity with his meltdown has captured the world and we have given him the fuel he needs to move past the crack and CBS to his nationwide tour of that is Charlie Sheen Roast.  He too, like other popular celebrities has gone in the social media jungle and used the tools available to survive in this dominating pop culture entertainment industry.

When news came out of Sheen’s crack addiction and womanizer lifestyle the public took to it very strongly even began judging his character as if it were that much different from his TV persona.  On his former show, Two and Half Men, the public praised Sheen for his antics and his ratings were still among the highest for CBS.  When he then took his character off the screen and traded alcohol for drugs we seemed to have a problem with it.  We place celebrities to a higher standard than we would our own family members in some cases and this was clearly a case of it, however when Sheen then opened up to the masses and ranted on about his lifestyle rather bluntly most people saw past the Hollywood gimmicks and realized that he like any other person had real problems.  They were noticeable mainly with his speech, lack of stage makeup, and mannerisms that were clearly a sign of drug addiction.  I believe that this is what won his fleeing fans back over and again by Sheen capitalizing on social media to reach out to his loyal fans.  He would tweet incessantly about his situation and went to the extreme of making public videos of his depreciating state of mind.

Charlie Sheen it would seem has cleaned up his act and has gone on to further success by admitting his guilt and congratulating his new replacement, Ashton Kutcher.  Although he and CBS may still not agree on his termination, he has proven to be rather professional about the matter by moving past the media explosion that once was.

Fans can be very demanding and judgmental; however they have also proven to be very forgiving to their favorite celebrities.  A prime example is Robert Downey Jr. and his imprisonment and rehab for drug use and addiction in the late 90’s.  Time, after time, after time, Robert Downey Jr. was incarcerated for drug possession after which he steadily got back on track, cleaned up his act, and has become one of the top paid Hollywood actors of 2011.  This isn’t true for all celebrities i.e. (Lindsay Lohan). Then there are the tragic cases of the actors whom which the fast life proves to be incredibly overwhelming and they fall into the drugs or scandal and wither away into the Hollywood tragedies i.e. (Amy Winehouse)