I encountered this website ,iCANSTALKU, googling “digital stalking” and just how easy it is to stalk people that already publish what seems to be every thought they have online.

This search brought me to this site that keeps track of people across the globe and can give you a very detailed account of what they’re doing, where they are, more precise would be just their daily agenda. The age old saying, “some things are better left unsaid”, seemingly has died in this day when our photos can be read without any words on them by geotagging which is predominately done with the use of smart phones.

Most people that use social networking take pictures of their life and post them online and these photos are taken with their mobile device which more time than not have cameras that have hardware on them to add geolocation to the photos by default. With that being the case, there are many people that neglect to check the settings on their mobile devices and are quite honestly, scared to change them because they fear damaging the phone which they probably paid about half a grand for.

iCANTSTALKU gives helpful tips on how easy it is to change your settings on your data device but mainly scares the crap literally out of you and how much we live in this public forum.


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